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Managing Director Message

On the eve of the 21st century, it has become clear that mankind is facing a variety of global challenges regarding Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE), such as traffic accidents, lifting, the use of radioactive materials, global warming,acid rain, depletion of the ozone layer and terrorism.There are many organizations and institutes holding conferences and issuing standards and laws to face such dramatic increase in the challenges at the same time attempting to establish a common approach among nations and in different industries to manage the HSSE in response to those issues.

Those industries provide essential products for life and luxury of mankind and they are major contributors to our present standard of living. Although those activities are responsible for what the world have now however, they add also new risks to the health and safety and impact the environment.  The greatest risk and impact arises from the release of wastes into the environment in concentrations that are not naturally found.

These wastes include gas emissions/air pollutants, liquid and/or semi-liquid wastes and a variety of dissolved or suspended solids, and chemicals. While some of these wastes can have significant adverse effects on the environment, some have little impact, and others are actually beneficial. It is not only limited to its impact on the environment, as gases also have impact on mankind’s health and at the same time increase the fire risk. In virtually all cases, the adverse impact and risk can be minimized or eliminated through the implementation of management systems.

Acutely conscious of the significance of HSSE responsibilities as an HSSE Consultancy, Training and Engineering, HSSE Solutions LTD Management Team has established vision, missions and values based on providing the highest quality of international standards during its activities and provide the most experienced team for our clients to enhance their HSSE standard.


Dr. Yassin Darwish, CSP, Grad IOSH, Pro ASSE

Managing Director


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